EUROMECH Colloquium 592

7 June – 9 June 2017

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden



Wednesday, June 7

Thursday, June 8

Friday, June 9




Invited lecture


Mechanics of papermaking

D. Söderberg

Forces and tensions in paper during drying

 G. Urstöger, R. Schennach, A. Kulachenko and U. Hirn

X-ray nanotomography of individual fibre bonds

E Retulainen, J. Parkkonen and A, Miettinen


Transport of water including dynamic mass exchange in swelling cellulose fiber materials

M. Alexandersson and M. Ristinmaa

On the measurements of interfibre joint strength


M. Magnusson


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Linking paper structure to damage distribution and fracture initiation

J. Lahti, M. Dauer, D. S. Keller D.S. and U. Hirn

Effective properties and local effects in hygroscopic expansion of paper fibrous networks

E. Bosco, R. H. J. Peerlings and M. G. D. Geers

Failure mechanism for pulp inter-fibre joints


M. H. Ulz, T. Ebner and U. Hirn


Thermography compared to digital image correlation during tensile testing

A. Hagman and M. Nygårds

Modeling the hygroexpansion of paper using a 3D network model

H. R. Motamedian and A. Kulachenko

The effect of geometry changes on the mechanical stiffness of fiber-fiber bonds

A. Brandberg and A. Kulachenko


Nonlinear compression of soft fibre network

M. S. Hossain, P. Bergström and T. Uesaka

Level set method and X-FEM in modeling the response of fibrous networks under hygroscopic swelling

P. Samantray, R. H. J. Peerlings, M. G. D. Geers and T. Massart

Impact of fiber bonding mechanisms on mechanical properties of fiber bonds and paper

R. Schennach and U. Hirn






A note on the fracture sensitivity of fiber networks

P. Isaksson and P. Dumont

Microstructure and mechanics of paper-based crumpled materials

F. Martoïa, L. Orgéas, P.J.J. Dumont, J.-F. Bloch, F. Flin, C. Suzanne and J. Viguié

The nature and utilization of the wrinkling effect in deep drawing of paperboard

M. Hauptmann M. and J.-P. Majschak


An equation-free multiscale method applied to discrete networks

L. A. A. Beex and P. Kerfriden

Three-dimensional random structure representation for nanofibrillar cellulose foams

P. Srinivasa and A. Kulachenko

Mechanics of paperboard with multiple wrinkles

E. Linvill and S. Östlund


Time-dependent, statistical failure of fibre network. Does Weibull distribution hold?

A. Mattsson and T. Uesaka

On the connection between flat crushing and the torsional stiffness of corrugated board

Z. Gou and D. W. Coffin

Characterization of fiber-network materials by inflation test

G. Bolzon and M. Shahmardani


Mechanics of quasi-two-dimensional fiber networks with cohesion


R. C. Picu, A. Sengab and V. Negi

McKee-equation applied for asymmetric corrugated board



H.-J. Schaffrath and S. Schabel

Effect of fiber orientation in a paper sheet on ratio of local tensile, compressive and shear deformations at the tensile test

Y. Kazakov, A. Romanova and A. Galimzyanova


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Coffee break

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Network modeling of paper


Y. Li, S Reese S. and Simon J.-W.

Solid shell element used for modelling of paperboard

K. Robertsson, E. Borgqvist, M. Ristinmaa and J. Tryding

Cohesive modeling of mixed mode delamination in paperboard laminates

F. Confalonieri and U. Perego


Effect of mechanical treatment on the straining behavior of single softwood pulp fibers

J. Kouko, M. Jacinovich, W. Fischer, A. Ketola, U. Hirn and E. Retulainen

FE Modelling of high dynamic creasing processes for paperboard laminated composite materials

A. Nazarinezhad Giashi, T. Dintelmann, T. Mbarek, T. Gereke and C. Cherif

Anisotropic elastic-plastic deformation of paper:  In-plane and out-of-plane model

J.-W. Simon, Y. Li and S. Reese


Made to fail – a study of damage mechanisms in pilot scale produced paperboard

J. Alfthan and M. Nygårds

Continuum damage mechanics modeling of creasing and subsequent folding

Borgqvist E., Wallin M.,
Ristinmaa M. and Tryding J.

On the mechanical behavior of laminated pressboard


D. D. Tjahjanto, L. Westermark, L. E. Schmidt and S. Östlund


Influence of fibrillation and fiber shortening induced by refining on the softwood pulp

V. Gorazdova and E. Dernova

Limpness of Euro banknotes - An experimental study on mechanical wear of banknotes

M. E. Van der Woude, J. G. Van Dolderen and R. H. J. Peerlings

Conclusions and goodbye


Predicting the risk of failure of mechanically loaded thin fiber-networks – a stochastic multi-scale approach

A. Kulachenko and R. Mansour


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